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- Digitale Zadenatlas van Nederland / Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands. € 160.-.
- Digital Atlas of Economic Plants. € 306.60.
- Digital Atlas of Economic Plants in Archaeology. € 202.83.
- Digital Atlas of Traditional Agricultural Practices and Food Processing. € 306.60.
- Digital Atlas of Traditional Foods Made from Cereals and Milk. € 80.-.
- Handbook of Plant Palaeoecology. € 51.89.
- Handboek voor het determineren van zaden en vruchten. ISBN 9789491431241. € 37.50.
- A Manual for the Identification of Plant Seeds and Fruits. ISBN 9789491431265. € 42.17.

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Origin of the Dutch coastal landscape. Long-term landscape evolution of the Netherlands during the Holocene, described and visualized in national, regional and local palaeogeographical map series

Magoúla Pavlína. A Middle Bronze Age site in the Soúrpi Plain (Thessaly, Greece)