Expansion of the Plant Atlas

The Digital Plant Atlas can be expanded by new parts in addition to the planned three volumes. New authors may make use of photographs from the first three parts. Thus atlases of other countries can be produced efficiently, as well as of new selections of economic plants and subfossil plant remains.

These books will also be published as new volumes in the Groningen Archaeological Studies series, and the digital version will be added to the website of the digital library of the University of Groningen.

The Digital Plant Atlas will also form part of the National Reference Collection (NRc), which combines knowledge in the field of specific material groups.

Interested parties are invited to contact:
Prof. dr. René Cappers
Groningen Institute of Archaeology
University of Groningen
Poststraat 6
9712 ER Groningen
The Netherlands
E-mail: r.t.j.cappers@rug.nl
Tel.: +31 (0)50 3636744.

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