Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands

The Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands, published in 2006, contains over 4,000 full colour digital photographs taken with a microscope and represents 1,828 taxa. The atlas comprises wild plants, adventitious plants and cultivated plants that have gone wild. The Digital Seed Atlas presents a unique picture of the variation and the characteristics of the seeds and fruits of the Dutch flora. This atlas has been published as a combination of a book and website. Because of the three indices to the book and the advanced search function of the website it is an indispensible tool to identify seeds and fruits.

The book

The second edition of 2012 is identical to the first edition of 2006 in both form and contents. It contains, however, a number of important corrections, and has better and more realistic colours. The list of corrections can be downloaded here.

The hardcover book, size A4 (21 x 29,7 cm),  is over 500 pages and contains more than 4,000 full colour photographs of  plant parts, as well as extensive indices.

A pdf file containing the Table of Contents, Introduction, some pages with photographs, the Glossary and the Indexes  is available here for free. The photograph pages are in "screen" quality, not print quality.

The introduction is in both English and Dutch. At the back of the book are indexes of both the Dutch and the scientific plant names.


The website

The website is free for all from April 2012 onwards. Please visit the website of the Digital Seed Atlas:


The seed atlas will be of use to ecologists, plant taxonomists, palaeobotanists and amateur florists in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Extra information

All images of plant parts on this page and in the banner can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Title: Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands
Authors: R.T.J. Cappers, R.M. Bekker & J.E.A. Jans
ISBN: 9789077922958 (2nd ed.)
Language: bilingual (English and Dutch) and scientific plant names
Publication year: 1st edition 2006 (out of print); 2nd edition 2012
Pages: XXVI + 502
Hardbound. Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
Price: € 169.o0, incl. 6% VAT
Websites: Dutch, and English
ISBN: 1st edition 2006: 9789077922118 (out of print); 2nd edition 2012: 9789077922958
Free downloads: list of corrections in the second edition, sample pages second edition

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